“I’ve been in West Dallas my whole life. Why would I leave? I love it here man. Even the people who leave always come back.”

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“When I was growing up, my mom always talked about wanting to be with my kids but I would always tell her she wasn’t going nowhere. I didn’t think about her having a massive heart attack one day and dying. That never crossed my mind.”

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“Mr. Garrett, he’s a good role model. I hope to be able to go to SMU some day. If I can change, then other kids here in West Dallas can change too – if they just come to Mercy Street.”

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Lakenya is a junior in high school who has been participating in the Mercy Street […]


“I was bullied as kid for being Mexican.”

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“It must have been God’s sovereign plan because I ended up in Dallas despite hating Texas because that’s where my father was from. But since I was here, I made an effort to meet up with my father soon after mom passed. Soon after arriving here I found out my father had passed too. I […]


“For me, chocolate is the most challenging and rewarding medium in the culinary arts. It is a never ending learning experience and my true passion.”

“Talking to my customers is my favorite part of owning a shop; it keeps me unbelievably busy and makes me want to be a better human being.”

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“Life is an opportunity to do great things. We’re built to adapt, evolve, and move on.”

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“When I worked at St. Mary’s School I worked at the car line so I memorized the cars for every parent that picked up a kid.”

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“Mercy Street does a great job of explaining and breaking down the Bible. My plan for after high school is to attend college, pursue a degree in business and, hopefully open up my own hair salon.”

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“I’m tall enough to ride on most roller coasters.”

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